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Traditionally, software developers for the Amiga computer have always had a reputation for innovative design. Many exciting software ideas have started on the Amiga and evolved to other platforms where they are now considered as standard.

In 2014, A-EON Technology released the AMIStore Amiga App Store which was enthusiastically received by users and the development community alike. It has continued to grow and mature since and now provides a regular income and shop front for many developers.

Following on from this success, in the following year, A-EON Technology started the AmigaDeveloper project to kickstart software development for the Classic Amiga and AmigaOne computers after many years of decline.

The goals behind the project are encourage existing and lapsed developers to create more software or update their existing creations for modern standards and attract a new generation of developers.

A-EON Technology is now actively sponsoring Amiga software work. In addition to this, new AmigaOne hardware from A-EON is being used to ensure developers have the tools to do the job. We have established the infrastructure to make sure the right environment for Amiga development exists such as development forums, SVN server, developer mailing lists and Wiki.

If you are a developer with some great ideas, spare time and enthusiasm and would like to join the AmigaDeveloper Team, please contact us here. We are very much looking from hearing from you.

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