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Enhancer Software Developer Weekend Report

June 29, 2018

It has been a while since the last public release of Enhancer Software and the team hasn't been idle during this hiatus.

Over many months, selected components have been steadily updated and improved.

We recently spent a four day long weekend exclusively working on the Enhancer Software project at the Amiga Kit offices.

Remote working is good for many tasks but it does not surpass getting a group of talented developers together in an office tapping away on their X1000 or X5000 whilst sharing and discussing ideas face to face. The weekend was a success and we hope to hold similar developer coding events in the near future.

Multiviewer Scaling

Andy often remarks on how often I request features beyond the original project brief. Multiviewer is one of the tools I use on a daily basis. Quick image scaling without having to load a full image processing application was a feature well suited to Multiviewer. After my request was made, Andy duly obliged and implmented it.

Multiviewer's toolbar is context sensitive depending on the datatype that is the current object. In the case of images, the scaling button appears in the toolbar. Upon selecting it, the user can scale the image by pixel or percentage and either save directly to the clipboard or a file. Multiviewer can optionally preserve proportions of an image when scaling.

MultiViewer Scaling

X-Dock is two

X-Dock has now moved to version 2. Andy has further developed the original code and ideas of Guillaume (X-Dock v1) and Thomas (DockLib API). He has integrated the DockLib API into the new version. Sections of the code had to be restructured to facilitate the Docklib support.

X-Dock 2

The X-Dock Prefs also needed to be restructured to enable users to add the new DockApp's mixed in with their regular dock icons and sub docks. Javier has ported many of his old dockies to the new DockLib format and we now have the usual clocks, calendars and mixers as DockApps.

The DockLib API was extended to permit each DockApp to have its own custom popup menus, which is useful way of configuring some DockApps.

X-Dock 2 Prefs

Sounds Good!

Kevin, our resident sound guru has been refining the Sound Datatype for some time and it is mature and working well. It is the first time that the Sound DTC has supported streaming.

One of the problems with the old Sound DTC is that it displayed a simple Play button to control the playback of sound samples and music in Multiview. I asked Kevin to extend this for our own Multiviewer. His response was to create a new gadget called MediaDeck. This is a comprehensive way of playing, stopping, cueing, select volume and repeating sound files in Multiviewer.

Sound Datatype Class


Daniel has been revisting the user interface of Exchanger and making it more intuitive. The results are very impressive especially with the use of AISS icons. There has been some custom spacer routines written which may make it into a gadget class later on.


This is a brief overview of the recent work that has been done during our development weekend. We are excited to be able to release the Enhancer Software v1.4 this summer.

Matthew Leaman
Project Manager

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